Sound Blaster Inferno

Creative SB Inferno,这款专为世界级的游戏者设计的耳麦- 拥有震撼强大的音质、精准的定位、舒适的耳麦、让你在任何 游戏平台- PC 、Mac 、PS4、 Xbox 360 、Xbox One 都能享受世界级的游戏待遇。 专选的40mm 高保真喇叭单元,采用异灵敏的振膜技术,完全兼顾饱和的低音和清澈的中高音,提供惊人清晰度、强劲宽广的音域。柔软的透气网织耳垫及轻便头带的设计让玩家长时间佩戴无压感; 轻巧音量线控让玩家随时控制耳麦音量。可拆卸式麦克风方便玩家连接手机,到处携带,做耳机使用。


玩家必不可少的世界级耳麦, 让你纵横 所有游戏领域 - PC, MAC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox,手机电玩 一网打尽!


Creative SB Inferno 是由拥有十多年创造声霸卡经验的Sound Blaster 团队,以“让大众电玩家以合理的价位,拥有世界级的玩家的音响配备”为目标,创造出的独特耳麦!

这款崭新的耳麦结合了Sound Blaster 团队专业技术领域和世界顶级专业游戏玩家 eSports 团队 – 美国Team compLexity 和 欧洲Team Dignitas 反馈游戏必胜所需的条件 - 让现有的业余玩家也可提升战斗技术,必胜无击。

专选的40mm 高保真喇叭单元,拥有震撼强大115dB的音质、完全兼顾饱和的低音和清澈的中高音,提供惊人清晰度、强劲宽广的音域,隔绝外界噪音。

精准的定位让你听声辨位, 敌人无法抵挡!


柔软的透气网织耳垫可吸收汗水,有效减少汗热,让玩家更舒适并长时间的佩戴。世界级玩家也反馈这款轻便的头带设计可让玩家长时间佩戴无压感,对SB Inferno 超满意。

清晰强大的音域,让你可在任何游戏平台 – PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox360上大显身手,游刃有余。


无须烦恼不能接连你现有的声霸卡、电脑或笔记本电脑,因为Sound Blaster 已细心配备3.5三环四节转双莲花信号线,让你可连接任何分接式的插件。

高灵敏麦克,360 收纳音源,让你的团队清楚的听见你所发的每个口令。



另购 Sound Blaster E1, Sound Blaster Play! 2Sound Blaster Zx 配搭 SB Inferno以 提升你的游戏战绩吧!

世界顶级专业游戏玩家 eSports 团队 – 美国Team complexity 和 欧洲Team Dignitas

SB Inferno 和其他耳机的PK – 试听就知!

SB Inferno 拥有超灵敏的麦克,可清晰地传达你的通话。现在就试听我们compLexity pro-gamer – Westrice 用SB Inferno 和其他的耳机的PK录音。

League of Legends 游戏中录音 普通录音


League of Legends 游戏中录音 普通录音

SRP $89.99


League of Legends 游戏中录音 普通录音

SRP $49.99

Creative SB Inferno
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其他游戏耳机 #2


  • Tech Radar

    The Fatal1ty gaming headset has been popular for the very reasons I can see the SB Inferno possibly gaining a fandom: decent quality sound and comfort at a superb price point.

    Sound Blaster Inferno



    If you are like Phantoml0rd and throw your headset when raging in game or if you are on a tight budget the SB Inferno gets you good gaming performance from a brand you and most likely your parents have known forever.

    Sound Blaster Inferno


  • The Average Gamer

    Soft foam and slightly fluffy cloth padding keeps everything in place at the top of your head, while tougher foam and cloth padding on the slightly snug over-ear cups stays comfortable. You can rotate the cups to rest them flat on your chest when not in use.

    Sound Blaster Inferno


  • Examiner

    "They carry enough lows to get things bumping and maintain just enough highs to balance things out."

    Sound Blaster Inferno


  • TopTenGamer

    First of all the headset itself sounds great. Whether you’re plugging it into your tablet or using it on your PC you’ll definitely be getting better than average audio quality from this price range.

    Sound Blaster Inferno


  • NeuFutur Magazine

    The fidelity of the playback with the Sound Blaster Inferno Headset is considerable meaning that individuals will be able to hear every drum hit, guitar riff, and other lyrics that may shoot forth during their periods of music listening.

    Sound Blaster Inferno


  • AVForums

    Whilst you might expect some sacrifices at £35 it didn't feel like that with the audio quality. Across all types such as music, movies and gaming the audio sounded very good indeed. On one of our favourite piano based tracks (from Lost) we could even pick up the sound of the pedals on the piano which we can't recall hearing before. Bass is present without being overpowering and we have to admit to being pleasantly surprised at just how good the audio sounds.

    Sound Blaster Inferno




  • C. Perrakis

    Great gift and combo with my SBXAE5 Pure Edition. White joy both of them.

  • D. Keech

    These head phones are suberb! They work perfectly with the Zx sound card. The Interface unit looks great and works great! I love it!


    • 技术规格
    • 音频驱动程序 40mm FullSpectrum 全频谱发声单元
    • 耳麦频率响应 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    • 连接 3.5 毫米立体声输入
    • 支持的游戏控制台 通过 3.5mm 4 极模拟线连接 PlayStation®4, 通过 3.5mm 4 极模拟线(另购的 Xbox One 立体声耳机适配器)连接 Xbox One™
    • Microphone 麦克风类型: 电容式降噪麦克风
      可拆卸: 是
      频率响应: 100Hz ~ 15kHz
      阻抗: 小于 2.2k 欧姆
      灵敏度: -40±3dBV/Pa
    • 了解更多
    • 盒内部件
      • 带可拆卸式麦克风与音量线控的 Creative SB Inferno
      • 分路器缆线,线长 0.18 米
      • 快速入门指南
    • 保修
    • 1 年有限硬件保修

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