Sound Blaster EVO


来了解Sound Blaster EVO耳麦吧,它能传递惊人的音频。FullSpectrum™ 40mm驱动单元,双麦克风阵列,保证清晰的语音通话!此外,将它连接到您的PC或Mac,还有全套音频增强软件等您发现。


Sound Blaster EVO耳麦提供惊人音频

拥有40毫米FullSpectrum驱动单元的Sound Blaster EVO耳机提供惊人的音频表现。双麦克风阵列,你可以享受清晰的通讯效果。在家,通过USB数据线将其连接到您的PC和Mac,启动Sound Blaster EVO控制面板软件,享受全套先进的音频增强技术。



Sound Blaster EVO的FullSpectrum全频谱40mm音频驱动程序能够完全再现可听范围的音频频谱,这样你就不会错过任何一个节拍。







可以通过USB 2.0数据线或者模拟3.5mm插孔连接至PC或娱乐设备上。



通过PC或Mac在Sound Blaster EVO控制面板上进行先进的音频处理设置。您可以根据您个性化的喜好调节音频。

使用Sound Blaster EVO连接至您的PC或Mac,您甚至可以体验虚拟7.1声道环绕影院效果。




  • F. Sancak

    Now it was time to put it to the test of SOUND! You see, I work a lot with sound. I actually make music in different genres for different artists so I could say that I have to know what good sound is. Well, the first impression of the sound, was that the bass was too loud to my taste. It affected the sound too much. Luckily Creative knows their customers, so they provided an interface where you can adjust the settings of the sound to your own liking. More bass, more surround (virtual), more depth. They even included an equalizer to really fine-tune the sound to your own liking.

  • N. Adal

    I am amazed at the sound quality offered by the EVO, the sound clarity is unbelievable and the bass is so loud it makes your cheeks and nose vibrate! As a PC gamer the software for Windows has different sound profiles which cater to Gaming, Movies and Music which are fully editable and the first thing I done was reduce the bass which is mind-boggling! The ear pads are very soft and comfortable, the headset folds and fits in to the free case supplied, the microphone which is built in to the earpiece somehow works better than the traditional ones which stick out on a separate attachment and overall this headset is very stylish. This headset absolutely blows the Tactic 3D Rage (previous generation headset) out of the water!! I previously owned the Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Rage and found the ear pads too hard and the sound volume too low when used with a 3.5mm jack vs. USB.

  • K. Woodfine

    An extremely slick well made looking folding headset, a very sturdy build and not a wire in sight apart from the one you plug into your player. The sound is crisp and loud and the accompanying software has some nice whistles and bells to play with. The only small points that detract a mark from the headset are the slightly small ear cups that could be larger to enclose rather than press my ears in and the usb>USB cable is quite stiff and clunky, imo it should made from very flexible multi strand soft wire. Apart from those small points the Evo is top notch!


    • 技术规格
    • 音频驱动程序 40mm FullSpectrum 全频谱发声单元
    • 耳麦频率响应 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    • 音频技术 SBX Pro Studio, CrystalVoice
    • 连接 USB, Analog 3.5mm
    • 支持的操作系统 Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Mac OS X v10.5 或更高版本, Windows® Vista™, Windows® 10
    • 支持的游戏控制台 PlayStation® 4, (3.5mm Analog Connectivity)
    • 了解更多
    • 系统需求
      • Intel Core™2 Duo处理器2.2 GHz、AMD Athlon 64x2 双核或同等的处理器
      • Microsoft® Windows® Vista 64-bit、Windows Vista 32-bit
      • Microsoft® Windows® 7 64-bit、Windows 7 32-bit
      • Microsoft® Windows® 8 64-bit、Windows 8 32-bit
      • Microsoft® Windows® 10 64-bit、Windows 10 32-bit
      • Macintosh OS 10.5.8 及以上
      • 1GB内存
      • 自备电源 USB 2.0/3.0端口
    • 下载驱动程序
    • 用户手册
    • 盒内部件
      • Sound Blaster Evo USB
      • 微型USB转USB连接线 - 长度:1.8 米
      • 4段模拟连接线 - 长度:1.2米
      • 快速开始简易手册(软件安装以及用户手册可在线获取)

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