Creative EP-630



Creative EP-630色彩的碰撞,欢快的音乐

均衡优质地发挥高、中、低音效果,线条圆润的耳塞仿佛在灵动的告诉你:Creative EP-630绝对是您享受音乐的最佳选择。

更巧妙的是,它的入耳式设计最大限度的降低了外界噪音,您还可以从三种配套的不同尺寸硅胶耳塞套中选择最适合您的。您可以拥有迷人的海洋诱惑色,也可以打造爵士风情,或者您可以全部拥有 EP-630的五种颜色,用不同的颜色搭配您每天不同的心情!

入耳式设计,非凡的降噪效果 降噪性能
不同尺寸的硅胶耳塞套 佩戴舒适
强力驱动、品质音乐 纯美音质
奇幻色彩 音乐也炫彩


  • C. T. Engh

    Highly satisfied with the product at this price point. Am considering purchasing more in the future.

  • F. Angullia

    I had a similar earphones years's simply an upgrade. Quality sound while doing my gym time. Quality product . Value for money. Those cheaper earphopes I had were in the bin after a few months.

  • L. Santos

    Great headphones, simple and efficient. The sound is very clear and the acoustic range is impressive for this kind of in-ear phones. Nice price too.

  • S. Hopkinson

    Great sound from these tiny earphones - good fit with choice of 3 sizes - nice colour!

  • C. S. Yong

    This is value for money product, sound quality is good.

  • H. W. Lee

    Quality of the sound is fantastic. Deep bass is noticeable. Love it so much I bought 3!

  • T. Cox

    Spot on - delivers decent bass and volume where others fail. The true test, however, is how long they will last before the cable connections fail! Would thoroughly recommend, the quality and design I've come to expect - I've had a wide variety of Creative products over many years; can't fault them and I always go back

  • S. Lindahn

    Excellent quality. My fourth pair

  • N. Curry

    Great phones - good volume, bass and definition. I'm sure these are as good as much more expensive alternatives and far, far better than any similarly priced items I have tried. Lost my last pair and had to get another. Love them.



    • 技术规格
    • 重量 9 克(0.3 盎司)
    • 色彩 珍珠黑
    • 频率响应 6 Hz ~ 23 kHz
    • 线缆长度 1.2 米 / 3.9 英尺
    • 驱动程序大小 9 毫米(0.35 英寸)钕磁体单元
    • 佩戴方式 入耳式
    • 了解更多
    • 盒内部件
      • EP-630入耳式耳塞一副
      • 3组不同尺寸的硅胶耳塞套 (S, M, L)
    • 保修
    • 1 年有限硬件保修

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