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Brilliant speaker - so good I bought another one. Make sure you order the MegaStereo cable so you can connect other speakers.

Eoin O'Siochru
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This speaker has to be heard to appreciate it.

Rex Rodney
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Value 4 money, good product.

kingsley Okpara
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Great sound, great low end bass, I am buying a second one the ROAR Go for the beach. Since it's water resistant.

George Amatore
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Best sound ever! 300% sound for money and powefull bass for this size. I Will order one more soon. Tnx Creative for this amazing Blaster ROAR.

Peter Airlend
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One of the best portable speaker systems around! An acoustically excellent design with a built quality to last. And very reasonably priced, too! I am an old school Hi-Fi aficionado and I can only say this: You"ll enjoy it to the max...

Simeon Papadopoulos
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Powerful, Portable, Perfect. I honestly didn't think great sound could come in such a small package, off the wire no less.

Kasey Moore
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One of the best speakers I've ever tested. The sound is loud and clear, with surprisingly good mids, which is rare in mobile devices, although it might have play louder outdoors. I've bought two ROARs to build full stereo set. In a small room (around 20 square meters) it is more than enough for me to experience music.

Tomasz Fenske
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It is a perfect bluetooth speaker. Great ROARing sound, perfect for someone who loves good quality in music. Buttery life is great and sound blaster ROAR can also be used like power bank. I definitely recommend this speaker. Eventhough it has a bad mic, that's why I rate it 4,5. You have to be pretty close, so that your voice can be heard good.

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For something so small the sound is fantastic, the use of an sd card is great built in mic just so many functions,it is just perfect for a portable music box.

Steve Hennem
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Awesome stereo experience from such a small device! I have owned another creative system and was confident they would deliver and I'm not disappointed. I bought my second sound blaster ROAR a year later and thoroughly enjoy the richer effect. It is not a Bose; but you don't have to pay the extra 'brand cost' to enjoy amazing audio.

Sajimon Madathil
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A great product! Not much extra to add to all the other strong reviews I read before buying the soundblaster ROAR. Love the sleek, minimalist design, and the solid sound from such a small speaker. But above all was the professional service of the buying experience. Once ordered, it arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

Rohan James
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Wow what can I say, After all the hype I've read about this product I really thought it would be an anti climax when it finally arrived. Its simply amazing to hear the quality of sound coming from a box this size. You really do have an audiophile hifi than can you can pick up and take anywhere. I don't need to use the ROAR button as the sound is perfectly balanced for my range of music and the base increases as the volume is turned up. This is the best sounding portable unit I own and a perfect upgrade for the creative sub-woofer and speaker setup I bought over 12 years ago that although bashed about still plays perfectly. So well done to you this is simply fantastic and I hope it lasts as long as my first creative purchase.

Frances Palmer
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Wonderful sound, compact and now replaces my amplifier and speaker system

Nadzri Eunos
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I purchased the ROAR in mid July 2015 ($179 with the free carry case) just after listening to the new Bose Soundlink Mini II. I'm very pleased that I have done so as the Mini II is almost twice the price & certainly not twice as good. The ROAR's quality of sound reproduction is superb, battery life is excellent, the features great. It was a gamble purchasing before listening but I'm very happy.

Neil Sturrock
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Very good sound with plenty of added functionality. Easy to pair up to a smartphone or tablet.

Neil Walker
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The Sound Blaster ROAR is an exceptional speaker for size and price. With plenty of volume and a very good bass and treble range mix. This portable speaker is an excellent choice for anywhere around the house and outside. Having used Creative speakers over quite a few years, this one is definitely 'top shelf'.

Richard Watts
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very pleased with Sound Blaster ROAR. It's stylish, portable and loud.

Steven Sserwanga
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Everything about this unit is awesome. The recording and the memory card function is amazing. Sound quality is top notch. Very portable. Line in ans bluethoot brilliant and easy to connect no hassle.

john asare
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I purchased the Sound Blaster ROAR after evaluating four other top rated speakers from other manufacturers, of which only one offered anywhere near the sound quality and functionality offered by ROAR. In the end it was an easy decision for ROAR offered not only better battery life, but an option to charge your phone via usb, even when it's sitting in your bag and turned off. On the minus side the ROAR is a tad heavy, but the build quality and the sound easily justify the weight. ROAR can also be charged through micro usb if needed, making it even more compact to take with you if you're packing tight. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Ismo Juntunen
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I am simply amazed! It has a rich and warm sound field throughout frequency range. I tested it with music ranging from house to jazz and it always performed with accuracy. It competes with much bulkier and expensive sound systems while being small, versatile and well built. I highly recommend it to all audiophiles for covering rooms up to 20-30sm.

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Great sound (detailed and loud if needed), good solid build, not too bulky and easy to use. What more does on need?

Simon Lugrin
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I was wow by this little 'monster' when I first attended my fitness class; my instructor used it to blast the music during the lesson. I w as impressed with his clarity in the sound and the woofer and bass. I had been looking for a good sound system but many out there in the market comes with a big price tag But ROAR is very affordable and within my budget. Another plus point is the portability. I could continue to enjoy nice music for hours when I am outdoor without any power supply.

Diana Toh
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Sounds great, looks great and full of features, this is a top deal!

Tero Saari
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After a long time of searching for portable bluetooth speaker this the one. It can be charged via micro USB or dedicated power supply (charges faster). If you plug to PC it will play as external soundcard. Sound is also great, sometimes I rather listen SB ROAR than my hifi system. A+

Ales Mravlak
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Amazed at the sound quality put out by the ROAR and the ability to take it anywhere you like without needing a power source I highly recommend the ROAR you definitely won't be disappointed

Stephen Gelston
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So far THE Best product EVER! Well done!

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Excellent product. The sound is great and the size of the unit is very convenient for travels. And the extras (powerbank, media player) makes it a must-have.

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ROAR manages to create a large presence with balanced sound that filled the entire house. The sound was very pleasing and melodious. The 'ROAR' feature makes the sound come alive. The kick drums really kicks ass. I can't believe this is possible from such a small speaker. Creative has really created something amazing. It looks beautiful and is very portable. And for $150, this is a real steal.

Crooked Tree
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The bi-amp design results in a cleaner overall sound with less distortion since the bass speaker and the front-facing drivers are powered separately. This is essentially unheard of in any other bluetooth speaker that I'm aware of. This is the sort of amplification scheme that high-end audio has been using for years and now it's in this very reasonably priced bluetooth speaker. So how does it sound? Fantastic.

M. Erb
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This speaker has excellent sound, great bass and crystal clear treble. It has good stability at high volumes with no noise or rattling. The wireless music sounds as good as the wired connections using state of the art data transmission technology. This speaker was built to party! This speaker is a 5 star and it deserves even a higher rating.

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Value for Money .... love the sound. Would be great to have the unit smaller in size and lighter in weight with same output at the same price. Give Bosch (sic) a run for their $299 unit.

James Lim
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Absolutely love the sound of this. I wish the was a seperate line out (opposed to using the mega stereo cable)

Emmanuel Manolas
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Brillent sound

Michael Vaughan
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Great sounding, small but relatively powerful package, thanks.

Senq J Lee
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This thing sounds great, has plenty of volume and the battery lasts quite a long time.

Aleksejs Hruscovs
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I was going to buy the Bose speakers then I came across your email about the ROAR I asked my brother to get me one for Xmas while in France for Christmas any omg load bassy and take phone calls and if needed you can record the call I was so excited when I got back to uk I bought another ROAR so I can have then set up as a left and a right setup all the blokes on site where so emprest they are buying one to

Kevin Henderson
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Very robust but attractive speaker just what is needed to improve the sound quality from my Ipad.Our CD player has finally broken and it is a very versatile replacement until we purchase a new sound system.very simple to use and good battery life so far.

Lindsey Willows
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For more than four months I was checking out and reading reviews of the different brands of Bluetooth speakers, which included models from Bose, Cambridge Audio, Braven, and others. I was on the fence and couldn't really decide which to buy as they were quite expensive. Last December I received a promotional email from Creative about the Sounblaster ROAR. I went online to check the reviews and I was blown away by the amount of super positive reviews and the price. I did not delay in purchasing the ROAR and when it arrived, I charged it fully first and set it inside my room and started to play my music from my smartphone to the ROAR. I then went outside of my room but kept the door open and started to prepare to cook dinner. When I heard one of my favorite songs being played (very beautifully) I rushed back into my room and was awed by the sound of the ROAR. I do not know how to describe it but I was just blown away by the sound of it. I did not even notice that I was just sitting in front of it for about four songs in a row. I was really excited that I had to call my brother and tell him about it. Now my brother has asked me to purchase it on his behalf as it is still not available in the Philippines at this time of writing.

Irwin Dexter Zosa
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Great product. Have ordered a second unit and can't wait to connect the two and heart the result

Boyd Blake
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Great product.

Robby Delben
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A fantastic product with a sound you won't believe from such a small unit. Well worth every dollar spent. Brilliant product.

Michael Deutscher
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Very good sound quality, versatile usage and compact. Sometimes need to switch off and on again to recognise blue tooth.

Sajan Jose
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Great styling --all neat and tidy. Big sound that fills the daughters bedroom but not the whole house. Will buy the second one for her birthday so she has full stereo. Very comprehensive ways of sorting out the sound. Highly recommended. .

robin farmer
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Clear sound and strong bass. Equipped with battery hence I can actually bring music as I go! (:

Anabel Lee
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Fantastic little product. Bought for my very hard to please son who was impressed by its many cool features and pretty good sound. A Christmas hit.

David Shepherd
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Has to be the best portable speaker around for the price and quality

Kevan Ninnes
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Perfect! Superb sound quality as compared to a sound bar from other brands. I definitely will by 3 more sets for my new home.

Mohamed Hizammuddin Mohamed Yusof
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Speaker is fantastic, the design is sleek, modern and the voice clarity is something I have been looking out. I love to carry this around as a portable speaker and have shown it to my friends, everyone says it is good buy.

Jeffrey LimST
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Works as created! Neat solution to better sound in the outback; have yet to see how it handles dust and dirt but so far so good!

Thomas Bateman
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This mini marvel sounds a lot better than the its competitor from sonos and considering the price as good as the bose I intend to buy another to increase the soundstage but in a small to mid size room one is more than enough it can handle classical through to jazz rock and blues and even bel canto opera. Plus it is easy to operate and install. NO WIRES YAH!!

John Brown
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great sound, looks good, easy to use and competitively priced

Troy Spinks
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Seems really good and arrived quickly.Good value for money and sounds great.

Dee Ashpool
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Bought it as a shareholder. Better than expected performance with no distortion even when played at loud voume. It even sounds better than my car speaker system when used in the car.!

Kok Tuan Liam
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The SB ROAR is great. It does everything the reviews say and is a joy to listen to. Very glad I bought it!

Geoff Wilkerson
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This is an amazing little unit! The sound quality just blew our minds. It was so easy to set up too. Out of the box, it took just minutes before it was up and running. I have no idea why this brand is not more well known? I couldn't find it in any major stores, but chose it due to some online reviews I saw comparing similar devices. Thank goodness the Creative Store was there and it was a fantastic price too. It also arrived really quickly despite being the Christmas period. Thanks!!

Jill Davidson
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awesome product!!! very good sound is clear and bassy. connects well with phones

QM Wang
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Great sound, easy to operate.

Antonio Fernandes
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Excellent stuff. Don't judge by the look or size as the sound is fantastic.

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I really love the creative sound blaster ROAR and it is acting as my soundbar for my tv in my room now. The bass is deep and the speaker is loud! The cons are the inability to adjust the eq and the remote control app by creative doesn't work on the ROAR. Please update the app asap!

Wong Hong Jun
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Fantastic sound and seems great quality. The extra star could easily be awarded if the controls were a little more intuitive. You do need instructions to know what the controls do.

David Page
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Very impressive product. I think it's a product of local Singapore, which makes it all the more special. Keep it up. This is something you have to hear to believe. Such a small product with such powerful sound/bass. And I really mean powerful!

Luqman Safiyuddin
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absolutely brilliant product, the best sound and the best value on the market right now well done creative

Graham Baker
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amazing speaker, the sound quality with all that bass is just perfect. Never was and never will be disappointed with Creative products.

Gary Quek
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love it great sound and power in a compact size.

David Elliot
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Perfect gift for members of your family! Such ROAR! Many musical! Very sound! Wow!

Michael Abanilla
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Very satisfied with this powerful speaker.

Albert Lee
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User friendly, easy to use & I use it in my car .

Fan Nen Chong
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This is a great product,sounds excellent and easy connection via bluetooth to samsung phone

LES Byfield
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What a great product.Really cool look,great features and the sound has to be heard to be appreciated.Many of my friends have sat in my lounge and asked "where is the music coming from?" When I show them the ROAR they are always astounded that such a compact set up can produce sound of such quality. One of the best additions to my digital/wifi set up yet.Don't hesitate-buy one now!

Rob Robinson
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Surpassed my expectations - easy to connect and amazing sound.

William Madden
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Brilliant!!! Superb Bluetooth Speaker. Awesome Sound For Such A Small Portable Speaker! Take It Anywhere! Enough Bass & Clear Sound, & Using A PC Or Tablet Add Software To Add More Punch To The ROAR!

marc hurley
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I bought this as a birthday present for my husband. He absolutely loves it, the quality of the sound is good with this kind of price. And it's small and easy to carry around.

Wooi Lee Ong
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I have used two units of Sound Blaster ROAR and I can attest it that the speakers can easily match up or surpass well known brands in the market. The sound produced for the Bass, Mid Range and the Highs is perfectly engineered to any Audio Hi Fi user. The Bass is good and the Highs is not ear piecing which gives comfort for long hours of listening pleasure. Sound Blaster ROAR is a beautiful personal sound speaker that can be easily carried around. I must thank Creative Singapore for coming up with this wonderful product and all accorlades goes to Mr. Sim Wong Hoo for bringing to the Hi Fi market of personal sound machine - a truely Sngapore Super Brand product. I can say I am proud to own such a pair of nice sound machine the Sound Blaster ROAR.

Meng Huat Tan
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The sound is great! Better than what is expected.

Lim Geok Tin Lim
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Great speaker at very reasonable price. Sound quality is excellent, great bass and clear treble. Even at high volumes the sound remained stable and there is no noise or rattling. Bluetooth connection is a breeze. Tested at mid volume and played continuously, the battery lasted 9hrs.

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Been looking for a compact quality Bluetooth speaker for a while but was not convinced elsewhere by balance of quality to price. Was persuaded to try by strong independent reviews - further ehanxd by special price offer direct from manufacturer. Has performed superbly straight out of the box. Easy connection and stunning sound from such a small speaker set - thoroughly recommended!

Chris Jinks
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La Sound Blaster ROAR è un'ottima compagna di viaggio, ricca di funzionalità, con un suono ricco e potente sia in toni alti che bassi. Non si può chiedere di più a questo prezzo. Ovviamente consigliatissima! Giuseppe

Giuseppe Mercone
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The output sound is good and easy to connect for multiple devices

Willy Prawira Limarno
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The build is solid and sound great. Love it

Lye Seng Wong
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The sound quality is superb with 1 set. If the second set is connected to make it a full stereo, it sound even better.

Nicolus Sng
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Have had this for a few weeks now and what a great buy. Sound quality is excellent with deep bass tones and rich mid & high tones. Plenty enough volume to annoy the neighbours and a few useful extras thrown in like the NFC capability, the micro SD slot, the record facility and the option to pair it with another unit for true stereo and even louder volume. Oh, and don't forget it will charge your phone if connected by a cable. A very nice piece of kit and a very reasonable price.

Colin Williams
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Best speaker I have ever owned and came at a good price, the quality is great and with the added ROAR feature is great for a party or going out, the extra cable is an added bonus to something that is already amazing 10/10

callum costelloe
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Excellent speaker worth the price compared to other so called high end speakers! Several work colleagues have now purchased one as a result of playing music whilst at work.

christian crowe
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This is a FANTASTIC product! I love the sound that it delivers! The battery also lasts a very long time! This is definitely going to be Creative's new winner product!

Bernard Ow
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Good sound and perfect

Hendra -
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Compact n powerful with great bass sound.. But a bit heavy though. Overall luv it

Irwan Hassan
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Your online promotion of the ROAR convinced me to buy it. The package arrived in three days which kind of shocked me. Anyway, I must admit I was skeptical concerning all the accolades attributed to the ROAR. However, once I got it set up and tweaked it with the Sound Blaster control panel, well, I was completely amazed at the superb sound emanating from this small package. I have the ROAR connected to my laptop and it sits on my large kitchen table. My primary use is listening to online radio, mostly classical music, smooth jazz, country and selected talk programs. Radio never sounded better. I've also played my micro SD card, with 45 albums on it and CDs. No matter which media format I use, the sound is exceptional. There is no distortion. The lows are strong and clear, as are mid and high register sounds. And, I mean exceptionally clear. I'm not going to comment on all of the ROAR's features as it's simply to much to cover. To me it's all about the sound. We live in a three bedroom apartment and the ROAR can easily fill the apartment with quality sound, which means for me, that I don't have to muck about with home theater system to hear quality music or radio. Through the years I've purchased a number Creative sound products, which were good and performed well, but the Sound Blaster SR20A ROAR is not just a good performer, its performance is absolutely outstanding. Not just well done, but very well done!

Andrew Ryback
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Outstanding product, great sounds!

brian Jarrett
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Really nice to hear songs from Sound Blaster ROAR, quality audio and very good bass experience

Srinivasan Thanikachalam
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what i like best about the ROAR is bluetooth connectivity is hassle free and fast.

juwiana masnawi
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Love it! Great sound!

Jos Janssens
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For its size the sound is deep and very rich. Bluetooth connection simple

Andy Chisholm
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The design of this speaker is quite aesthetically pleasing and the overall sound quality is surprisingly good! The bass/terabass <"subwoofer" sound>, can be/is extremely effective too,depending on the media being played. The "ROAR" function also does a nifty job of helping to expand the soundfield. However,be prepared for annoying Bluetooth connectivity dropouts! I'd certainly recommend this product,but I do suggest that you try to get a demo before buying.

Ray Tooley
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fantastic product -brilliant sound - great value for me. Would highly recommend this.

chris price
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The SB ROAR is extraordinary - so much quality, bass and volume in such a small package. It's surprisingly heavy for its size (which is a product of its build quality, especially the remarkable subwoofer output), which means I can't carry it everywhere on my bike, otherwise I'd show it off to everybody! There are features I suspect I'll never use - the siren (haven't tried it yet) and the SD card player (I have plenty of other machines I play through it) - but this is a very minor quibble. I'm listening to it now in my living room, and it fills it effortlessly. OK, it's not a castle banqueting hall, but they can sort out their own sound system. 5 stars.

Duncan Doyle
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In the past I have owned several sound blaster cards, headsets and speakers, and was always pleased with the products. After having followed the hype of the new creative product 'the ROAR' for several months, I finally owned one of my own. I was pleasently surprised at the quality of sound the ROAR delivered, and I'm completly satisfied with the product.

Robert-Allan D. Smith
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What really counts in an external speaker is sound quality, portability, ease of operation and price and on all of the above, Sound Blaster's ROAR is outstanding. Oh, of course, I forgot to mention the ROAR button. It's what you use if you want to expand the sound to 'fill the room'. It works and it does seem to spread the sound around.

A. Dent "Aragorn"
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I have reviewed a large number of speaker of this size over the last year, and I can candidly say that it has the best sound of any portable speaker I have tried. It also has a lot of features besides being a bluetooth speaker. I am writing this review after a couple of weeks of daily use based on how I adapted the features to my daily life.

Ali Julia
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Believe me when I say this (and I am very selective about quality) there is not a portable speaker on the market today that offers these same features for the price. However, the overwhelming deciding factor for ownership should be sound quality and fidelity, which this speaker delivers! If you can put your hands on one and hear it, you'll see that this sounds better than other "premium" portable speakers out there for 3x the cost.

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If you have the money to spend on this speaker, don't walk, RUN to the order button and just buy it. This is easily the best sounding portable speaker I have ever heard, and if you pair them it is likely the sound from these two devices will trounce what most normal people usually listen to music on at home.

Stephen M. Lerch
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The Sound Blaster ROAR not only causes you to drop your jaw in disbelief, it is also very listenable over the long term with practically any music genre. In fact I like it better than any of the other palm-size speakers I have tried, and yes that does include Bose. So much so that as of now this is the one that will travel with me to make boring hotel rooms come alive with music or videos played on my iPad sound more like my home surround system.

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I've always wanted that high end sound but could never afford the kind of speaker that produced it… Until now. Sound Blaster has thought about just about everything that makes the listening experience amazing and easy. Lots of features, amazing sound, compact size. And it comes with a carry case as well! This is well worth the investment.

K. Groh
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One thing that separates this unit from most of the units in the marketplace today is that it shies away from the ubiquitous "boom tizz" (too much bass with an overly bright high frequency response) type of sonic voicing… Overall, I can (and do) recommend this unit without hesitation. At it's retail cost of $149.99 It simply crushes its immediate competition (and some competitors at double or triple the price). Buy one!

24 Track
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I wanted hear what movies sound like with the ROAR. So I went ahead and plugged it in. I found out my tv is able to turn the ROAR up about 3x the volume that my phone can. No, I didn't try maxing it out..sorry, but I got it loud enough that I thought my neighbors would complain for sure. Let me also state I live in a good sized 1 bedroom apt with brick on the outside. Anyways, movies sound phenomenal, the ROAR plays every sound, makes each one distinguishable, and sound great.

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I am very pleasantly surprised by the volume, but more importantly, the quality of the sound. I research endlessly and tirelessly when making audio purchases. Please trust, I did the same thing here, despite the reviews, because hearing is believing. This is one of the best purchases that I have ever made from a tech standpoint and will encourage friends and family to buy it also. Trust the time that I put into it as well as the other reviewers and just buy it.

Dave Torbet
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When you first take it out of the box you really feel solid built quality, great design and pleasant weight which means there are serious guts inside. Sound : Mmmmm first start with bass - pretty well for its compactness and here you feel that this bass is really enough for a human ear , mids - also great as well as highs . With one word sound is much much “pricey than the price”. Guys this thing is priceless !!! Grab it !!!

Ramin Ibragimov
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I could go on and on about how much I love the ROAR, how much other around me love it, but I'll put a lid on it and let the specs speak for themselves. Across the board, from Generation X to Generation Y, the verdict is, is that the Creative Sound Blaster ROAR is now the best speaker on the market.

D. Fowler
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This thing gets loud and the base is perfect. The sound is crisp and remained clear from the low levels all the way to the maximum volume. This is a product that puts the comsumer first, as it offers an abundance of features and delivers as it promises. I don't feel like I was paying extra for a name or that this product lacked anything that I wanted. Surprisingly, it has features that I didn't even consider until I found this, such as the Link 2 bluetooth mode which allows 2 devices to be linked simultaneously for a jukebox-type experience.

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Overall, I am very satisfied with the sound quality, and using it to watch a movie with no complaint (without even using the sound card feature!) was pretty cool. In summary, I would highly recommend this device to anyone looking for a good value on a bluetooth speaker providing excellent sound quality.

Grant Twiss
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The Creative SoundBlaster ROAR is a fully featured and powerful portable bluetooth speaker. Out of all the Bluetooth speakers I’ve ever used, this is definitely one of the best… This speaker gives very well balanced and very high quality sound. Mids and Highs are excellent and clear, even at the higher volume levels.

SpinDoctor Reviews
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Sound wise was good; bass was tight & highs were crisp. The ROAR shines at normal to high volume (not max volume) and sounds better when it is further from me (say 1 m). I use it primary for movie and gaming and it serves me well for that purpose.

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This speaker has some of the best dynamics I've heard from almost ANY speaker, with the only thing in question being its volume. Yes, it can still get hugely loud, but don't expect to have dance hall booming bass, especially in large rooms. That's not a drawback, in my book, rather it's a description of most portable speakers' capabilities.

Kilgore Gagarin
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今天,我们试用了这款创新Sound Blaster ROAR发烧级蓝牙音响;它有着时尚便携的造型和精致的做工,质感十足;功能方面,此款音响支持蓝牙、NFC、来电免提、高清录音、TF卡播放等实用功能,而且还可以为手机充电;最让人惊喜的是它的高保真音效,5个发声单元、2个功放放大器,还特别安置了AAC/aptX高清解码器和ROAR音效增强功能模式,使它的音质更加澎湃震撼,同时拥有均衡的三频表现,展现了其高保真级别的完美音效。      从功能和音质上来说,创新Sound Blaster ROAR足以和市面上的HiFi音响叫板,而它仅1099元的售价更是大大提升了性价比;来自创新的这款发烧级蓝牙音响能否在大陆市场引起轰动,我们拭目以待。








Chip Hell

到手第一天,我就蛋疼的在公司试听,然后音量85%。然后你懂得,公司大家惊艳到,然后过来摸摸,然后装逼成功。目前1K出头的价位,这个做工跟音频表现,而且还是国行.确实。。。soundlink mini不再是唯一选择了。



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初听ROAR,有种眼前一亮之感。强劲的有控制力的低音让人很难相信这是从这个小盒子里发出的,记得我当时是放在大理石吧台上,那种浑厚感所带来的惊喜至今仍记忆犹新。尝试按下了背面的TeraBass键,音乐声中断,系统提示TeraBass on,然后就是更加夸张的低频效果,甚至有些轰头,于是赶紧关掉。我觉得关掉TeraBass后的低频的质和量,在30平米的房子里听已经足够了。这个结论直到最近的几天我把ROAR放在沙发上听时才发现不完全对,当把ROAR放置在布艺沙发一类的软平面上时,低频力度明显小了一些,震撼感也不及放在大理石台面上。这时再打开TeraBass增强低音效果,感觉不轰头了,而且那种强劲的低频效果又回来了。此外我还发现,随着音量的增大,TeraBass对低音的补偿是逐渐降低的,这样带来的好处是,小音量低频强劲,大音量低频不会过。




创新声霸锣没有吹嘘,在一个小巧的箱体中融入所有这些卓越的功能,声响效果毫不放松,还呈现出震撼人心的低音效果和强劲音响。锣吼音效 (ROAR) 带来声霸无忌的音响,重低音模式 (TeraBass) 呈现精准浑厚的低音而设计,震霸立体声体验 (MegaStereo) 实现 1+1 的强劲效果(前提你是壕),结合起来,可提供一个提供一个浩大充实的空间感与均衡的音质,让蓝牙音箱不再软弱无力。作为2014红点设计大奖的作品,创新声霸锣同时拥有不俗的外观质感,加上它便携无线蓝牙音箱的定位,中看又中用就是最好的诠释。不过,华丽的代价当然是较高的报价了,最近官方直销报价1099元,相比其他国际大牌高端音箱,这个价格还算厚道了。新品即将发售,尽请期待。


Hungry Geeks

Overall the Creative Sound Blaster ROAR SR20A is a head turner, mostly all of my friends were surprised how loud and clear it is. It can definitely beat your usual 2.1 speaker setup at home, but with the portability of just being 1.1kg light. Function wise you won’t go wrong with it’s diverse connectivity options


Digital Trends

Clearly, the ROAR was designed to be the musical backbone of a party. A dedicated “ROAR” button offers one-press access to a bolder, louder sound signature with beefed up bass and more scintillating treble — a bonus in the outdoors, where a lack of reflective surfaces can make a speaker sound anemic.


Android Police

The ROAR sounds killer, and it's definitely very balanced: lows are deep and rich, mids are very pronounced, and highs are a well-blended part of the mix. The combination of the three make it sound like a much larger speaker than it actually is. And when you crank the volume, it can handle it – there's no distortion even at max volume.


Tom's Guide

Dollar for dollar, the Sound Blaster ROAR produces the best sound of any portable Bluetooth speaker I've heard.


Huffington Post UK

In conclusion, the ROAR isn't what we'd describe as a 'cool' product. It's actually much better than that, it's unobtrusive. In a climate where Bluetooth speakers are trying to 'shout' above the noise through looks, the ROAR does it by simply sounding good, really good.

4 out of 5

Sound Guys

Considering everything else it does, this is not only a great value, but one of the flat out coolest speakers we’ve seen in some time. It’s not the smallest or most portable speaker we’ve seen for sure, but if you’re looking for the audio equivalent of a Swiss Army knife, this is the speaker for you.

9 out of 10, Editor's Pick

Expert Reviews

Overall the ROAR is a very good Bluetooth speaker with a smart design and good sound quality.

4 out of 5

Gear Patrol

You’ll buy it because it produces high-quality audio, has hassle-free Bluetooth pairing and is more affordable than its competitors. Those — used to deliver a healthy dose of David Lee Roth — are reason enough.


My Tech Methods

This speaker also has 5 drivers: 2 passive drivers on the side that produce the bass, 2 in the front that produce the highs, and 1 on top that produces the mids and bass. This allows it to give a very powerful well-balanced audio playback that will fill up an entire room. That is probably the best feature about this speaker. It can fill up a whole room very easily and when it’s playing in a room you can’t really tell where the speaker’s located. You can’t really tell where the sound is coming from. That’s how good of a job that this speaker does at filling up a whole room with high quality audio. 


Best Stuff

All in all, the ROAR is one of the most impressive bluetooth speakers currently on the market. Small details such as allowing users to choose whether they want more bass in their mix are what consumers want. I’m absolutely impressed by the unique combination of volume, audio quality, and customization Creative packed into this speaker.


Android Headlines

The Creative Sound Blaster ROAR is one of the best wireless, portable speakers I’ve ever heard. The battery life is good, the sound is fantastic, and the additional features make it a decent conference call and recording device. You should definitely pick one of these up.


The Gadget Show Online

The Creative Sound Blaster ROAR SR20 gives you plenty of bang for your buck - even if you don't want any of the extra features. For £169.99, you get even more functions crammed into its small chassis than the comparatively barebones, and similarly priced.



Decent battery life, sturdy design and, most importantly for any audio device, sound quality that will outsmart plenty of its rivals are obvious high points. There's a lot of bass that warmly sweeps into the mix - far more than you'd anticipate for a device of this scale.

5 out of 5

Tech Radar

TheCreative Sound Blaster ROAR SR20 succeeds at being a multi-functional speaker... Compared to other speakers on this list so far, its design stands out, for starters. It's about the size of a hard-cover book and can compliment a bookshelf, if you please, or just a table top.



Creative has used all of its years of audio experience to create a piece of hardware capable of producing a remarkable, room-filling sound and then delicately programmed it to take advantage of the hardware. The vaunted "ROAR" function makes a noticeable difference when used, increasing the volume and the expansiveness of the sound.



Creative's latest wireless Bluetooth speaker, which won a Red Dot design award earlier this year, is not a great deal bigger or heavier than a paperback, yet it sounds incredible.



How loud is this ROAR speaker? Loud enough to invoke a “Turn that #$%& thing down, John” shout from Mrs. Nemo, indoors or outside, whenever I nudge the volume control on my iPhone upward. Even better, there is no distortion when SR20 is playing at full capacity. It will fill an apartment or small house with sound just as it fills my patio in every direction.

10 out of 10

Custom PC Review

Overall, the Sound Blaster ROAR SR20 is definitely the most impressive Bluetooth speaker we’ve reviewed for quite a while – it not only sounds good, but it’s also extremely versatile, which is all you could really ask for with a Bluetooth speaker.

CPC Certified AWESOME Award - Gold

Gizmodo Australia

The Sound Blaster ROAR is solidly built, is chock-full of fancy features, and sounds pretty impressive — and it costs a lot less than I thought it would.


Mr. Gadget

The best bluetooth speakers in terms of sound and features is hands down the Creative Sound Blaster ROAR S20. Well done to Creative Labs who have been diligently working on producing the best sound from their devices for years and have such a great reputation for it. If you’re looking for a high performance portable wireless speaker, the Creative Sound Blaster ROAR S20 is it. Absolutely highly recommended.

9.5 out of 10


...this is a great-sounding portable speaker that puts out incredible sound for the money. If you like to entertain on the patio, this thing will get your guest’s toes tapping without the blaring loudness you might remember from the Boom Box days.



What's important is the grand, powerful sound that the speaker produces. Considering the $150 price tag, consumers are getting a bargain for the spectacular sound and features that come along with it. 


Average Joes

If you’re in the market for portable speaker – we recommend you look no further than Creative. The Sound Blaster ROAR is sturdy, has a decent battery life and, most importantly, possesses expert sound that we’re certain will outdo most rivals. Particularly with its bass, which is stunning for a speaker of this size.


Music | Photo | Life

The SR20 is a stunning product with the amazing price and the Swiss-army knife-like list of features, and I have no qualms to proclaim that the "Audiophile Sound Booklet" SR20 is the best wireless portable speakers I have reviewed in terms of overall value and audio capabilities.


Entertainment Buddha

Creative Labs’ Sound Blaster ROAR is an amazing portable wireless speaker system that can definitely bolster your mobile audio needs while on the go. Its five driver system powered by two independent amps produces amazingly clear and powerful tones that can turn any Bluetooth audio device into an impressive sound system. Connecting to the ROAR is a breeze thanks to its easy-to-use NFC and Bluetooth pairing modes, so listening to music on it doesn’t require a technical degree. The extra functions only add more value to this already impressive device...

90 out of 100

Craving Tech

ROAR, is loud and sounds good. Real good. That awesome sound quality, thankfully, can be enjoyed with pretty much any device you can throw at it. It supports pretty much all connections that you can think of: Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, NFC, USB, and even a microSD card.

4.5 out of 5

Oluv's Gadgets

The ROAR is a very interesting and nice sounding portable speaker. Featurewise it beats most of the competition with built-in handsfree, NFC, Apt-X and such unique features like micro SD-card playback and even audio recording.



We blasted a couple of tracks at it, from The Eagles' Hotel California to Celine Dion’s Incredible and Katy Perry’s ROAR, the speakers volume was amazing, for its size. Even with the ROAR function enabled, at the loudest volume, the speakers managed to continue to churn out its music, without any distortion. Bass performance, for these portable speakers however, is incredible. Extremely punchy and deep, its performance in this segment has probably set the bar up another notch. High’s were fine and fortunately, not too sharp till it irritates one.


Consumer Top

The ROAR is an excellent choice if you value insane functionality and flexibility, yet superb sound quality.

4.8 out of 5

iPhoneLIFE Magazine

With the number of wireless speaker choices on the market, manufacturers like Creative need to differentiate themselves with the features contained in their products. Creative has certainly accomplished this objective with the ROAR SR20. It is packed with dozens of features, many of which are unique to the Sound Blaster wireless speaker line.



The sheer amount of sound coming from the ROAR filled the room and no one in our audience missed any of the action. We have tried several other Bluetooth speakers for this role, but most fall short of putting out enough sound for everyone to hear clearly. The ROAR is now my speaker of choice for room-filling sound.

5 out of 5

Western Morning News (Web)

It is perfect timing for the arrival of this latest piece of portable Bluetooth kit, an award-winning portable speaker able to live up to its hype and make the right noises in this overcrowded category.


Daily Star

With five drivers and a built-in subwoofer this is one serious piece of kit for its relatively low price. The ROAR is also packed with tons of features including an 8-hour battery, SD Card slot for sound recording, and even a bedroom mode which dims the music as you nod off to sleep. The ROAR is a cracker, but before you buy one, just warn the neighbours.


Geek Dad

It’s got a bunch of other features: built-in MP3 player from a MicroSD card, NFC connectivity lets you connect without opening up your Bluetooth panel, sleep mode that fades out before shutting off, and even a sound recorder. You can connect multiple devices to it via Bluetooth so that you and a friend can play DJ together. But the best part, really, is simply the sound quality you get out of a box this size.


Inner Fidelity

I really like the ROAR SR20... Adding in significant sonic control with the SB Control panel software; the ability to record voice and phone calls; the ability to play computer audio over USB; and the ability to act as a stand-alone player with music on the Micro-SD card makes it a product that delivers terrific value for money. This is a great little unit for the business traveler as it's small enough to fit in a brief case if needed, and will help you set-up a dandy little office in your hotel room. Totally dig it, happy to recommend this very cool audio tool!

Stuff we like!

Tech Attack

...wherever you place the ROAR, you get a great sense that its sound reaches outwards to fill the space, which I think is well beyond the expectations of many smaller sounds systems, to say nothing of portable wireless speakers.



Sound quality is also excellent, with two front-facing drivers and large subwoofer on top, paired to a passive bass outlet on each side all working together to create a rich sound with a nice level of detail. Maximum volume is also impressive, with zero distortion and the aforementioned ROAR feature is on hand for particularly loud environments. aptX support is a welcome inclusion for superior streaming quality and battery life is around eight hours.



Regardless of your budget, if you are in the market for a compact wireless Bluetooth speaker, you would be foolish not to at least consider the Sound Blaster ROAR.

9 out of 10

The Gadgeteer

The ROAR is hands-down, the best sounding speaker I have heard in this size range. Its combination of clarity coupled with decent, but not overpowering bass, makes the speaker’s sound approach audiophile quality. I could listen to the ROAR all day and not wish I was listening to a different portable speaker. Whether I was listening to a Pulp song with their heavy reliance on vocals and bass, a light classical Debussy waltz or even Malcolm McLaren rapping about Buffalo Gals in an early hip-hop song, it didn’t matter. Everything sounded great. There are few speakers that can handle every style of music effortlessly.


The Hindu Business Line

Don’t be fooled by its compact dimensions, it packs a solid punch. Even better than just delivering great sound quality, this Bluetooth speaker can also be used like a power bank to charge your handset or tablet.


The Hindu Business Line

We will recommend this speaker to everyone – it is great value for the price and the spacious, rich sound quality will surprise you. For audiophiles, here is a tip – you can actually tune the speaker for its balance using the Sound Blaster Control Panel software for PCs and Macs.



The ROAR easily got to a respectable volume with room to go even louder if it was needed, and the sound quality was great, considering its size.


Lester Chan

Overall, I am very impressed with the ROAR. The music playback is loud, clear and the bass is simply awesome



This is a solid speaker; one that packs more than a few features with very decent sound quality.


NDTV Gadgets

It has a full and rich sound which has been sorely lacking in most of the Bluetooth speakers we've tested in the past...the Sound Blaster ROAR is a brilliant Bluetooth speaker for its price and should do just as well at parties as at movie marathons.


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