Creative T4 Wireless


Creative T4 Wireless签名系列音箱堪称最佳家庭音频娱乐系统!作为屡获殊荣的Gigaworks T3的继承者,T4 Wireless配有采用发烧级铝制发声单元的环绕音箱以及外观精巧、输出强劲并支持SLAM®技术的低音炮,将打造最为出色的音质。



要想获得您娱乐设备的最佳感官体验很大程度上取决于您的音频质量的优劣。Creative T4 Wireless即是为您专门设计,旨在满足,甚至超越您绝大部分的娱乐音频的需求。

For the movie buff



For the avid gamer



For the music lover





Quality wireless audio

Creative T4 Wireless支持aptX®和AAC等多个高清晰音频解码,增强无线蓝牙音频,使其足以媲美有线连接。


Awesome mids and highs



Deep, tight bass

Creative SLAM™(Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module)技术为您呈现浑厚扎实的低音,在您体验游戏和电影时,带给您扣人心弦的震撼低音。


Freedom without compromise





Stay connected


可同时连接2个蓝牙设备!Creative Multipoint多点连接功能,可便捷地同时连接2个蓝牙设备并轻松切换。2

Optical input
RCA input
Aux in


Creative T4 Wireless配备了一个光纤数字信号输入口,可直接无损地传输您高清电视或声卡里的音源。它也有RCA模拟输入,用于连接到您的视频控制台或DVD播放器。同时还有3.5mm输入,用于连接智能设备和便携式媒体播放器。

Switch to private listening


深夜玩游戏或者欣赏电影,不必再担心吵醒其他家庭成员。Creative T4 Wireless音频控制盘与一个专用的耳机插孔,在有需要时您可方便地接入耳机,方便个人聆听。



Press, tap and turn




Get the bass you want



Infrared Remote



Big sound, small package

Creative T4 Wireless卫星音箱的设计,体积虽小,但可提供强大的音频。小巧的体积方便放置,可节省您的桌面或客厅的桌子上的空间。该卫星音箱也可以安装在墙上,作为客厅电视的理想音箱。只需拆下可拆卸卫星音箱支架,它们即可安装至墙上(托架不包含在产品内)。

1 最远可达10米(数据是在开放无遮挡区域测量得出的。 墙壁和建筑物可能对信号传输造成影响。)

2 此处音乐播放指的是同一时间同一音源连续播放。


  • Tech Radar

    Whether you're after a 2.1 set for your PC, some wireless speakers for your phone or a punchy compact system for your TV, the Creative T4 Wireless is a decent option. It's certainly a fantastic all-round system. The sound quality is excellent, nice and balanced across the board, and provides a lovely, creamy soundwash that you generally do not get from Bluetooth speakerdocks.

    Creative T4 Wireless


  • The Indian Express

    ...I recommend this to replace all the other audio devices in your home. This will do. Just take a leap, you won't regret it.

    Creative T4 Wireless


  • Mad Shrimps

    Thanks to the large subwoofer and the SLAM build, the low frequencies are pretty punchy and depending on the size of the room we will place the speakers in, we might sometimes lower the bass intensity a bit. Do not be fooled by the size of the satellites which might seem too little at first; these can deliver quite a bit of highs and do not distort at higher volume levels.

    Creative T4 Wireless


  • Digital Hippos

    ...the T4s have a huge range of fantastic features including huge sound in a very small and good looking package. The satellite speakers are study and sound fantastic while the sub is booming and tight in all the right spots. Whether it's Bluetooth, remote controlled or even wired options, you'll never fall short in the features and sound departments. Honestly, these little bad boys are some of my fave speakers as of late even though I tend to be a 5.1 kind of dude.

    Creative T4 Wireless


  • BloodyPenguin (Head-Fi)

    The value of the Creative T4 is through the roof. These make great high end computer speakers, can be used to power a small theater setup, or just be a wonderful sound system that can be put in any room of the house, handling all challenges with ease. The numerous connections make it more versatile that most products out there. The T4 wants to be used and wants to reward you with a good quality sound. Creative hit a home run with this product, it is well designed and works perfectly. One of the easiest purchases I have ever have recommended.

    Creative T4 Wireless


  • GamingShogun

    The high-end sound was crystal clear and the low-end stuff was booming. This is a great speaker system for your home entertainment needs – especially if you are trying to run a movie projector setup in a smaller space.

    Creative T4 Wireless


  • GamesReviews

    The sound coming from this small set is incredible, whether in movies, games, or music. While I’ve had better sounding sets in the past, those have been 5.1 and better systems with many more speakers and twice to three times the cost. I would argue for between $200-300 USD, you are getting an above average product that performs better than some $500 systems I have used in the past.

    Creative T4 Wireless


  • Heavy

    The sub woofer has a deep, balanced bass with very little frequency bleeding, and an appropriate crossover threshold for music and movie dialogue alike. This means that voices aren’t too boomy, and audio isn’t too seated in the mid range. The wireless convenience and versatile sound of these speakers make them a winner, plus copious connection options and an included remote to control only sweeten the deal. These speakers will definitely be appreciated by any gamer, movie fan, or music lover.

    Creative T4 Wireless




  • S. Rahman

    One of the best speaker systems for a PC setup out in the market!

  • Q. S. Wei

    I am using the above speaker via optical cable with E5 ext soundcard for my PC. The reproduced sound is abdolutely fabulous. Do not under estimate the satelite speaker packages as it packs quite a punch in term of music clarity and bass.

  • A. Czondor

    Best 2.1 PC speakers ever. I really like it. High quality sound for films, games and music!

  • S. Z. Yang

    The Creative T4 wireless is my first NFC speaker that provide a clear and responsive Bass. It is good when pairing this speaker with a Creative SOUND BLASTER ZXR soundcard using optic audio cable. Well Done Creative !!!!



    • 技术规格
    • 尺寸 电源适配器线长度: 约 1.5 米, 低音炮: 215 x 235 x 290 毫米, 有线音频线控匣: 40 x 70 x 70 mm, 有线音频线控匣: 耳机线长度约 2 米, 红外遥控器: 12 x 50 x 123 毫米, RCA 至 3.5 毫米立体声: 约 2 米, 环绕音箱: 150 x 85 x 90 毫米
    • 重量 环绕音箱: 465 克, 低音炮: 5.94 千克, 有线音频线控匣: 265 克, 红外遥控器: 37 克
    • 驱动单元: 发烧级发声单元
    • 系统配置 2.1 系统
    • 蓝牙版本 蓝牙 3.0
    • 蓝牙模式 AVRCP(蓝牙遥控), A2DP(无线立体声蓝牙)
    • 了解更多
    • 系统需求
      • 针对无线流媒体
        • 支持立体声蓝牙配置文件(A2DP)的蓝牙设备
      • 一键触碰配对
        • 已启用 NFC 的设备(与音频线控匣轻贴即可便捷配对或连接)
      • 红外遥控上媒体控制功能
        • 红外遥控器的媒体控制功能(如:播放、暂停、下一首和上一首曲目)需要配合支持AVRCP的兼容设备使用
      • 光纤输出
        • 支持来自 LED 电视/声卡或音频设备的光纤输出连接
      • 3.5毫米输出
        • 具有3.5毫米输出接口或RCA输出接口的模拟音频设备
      • 耳机输出
        • 3.5毫米立体声接口输出,方便个人聆听
    • 用户手册
    • 盒内部件
      • 2个环绕音箱
      • 1个低音炮
      • RCA至3.5毫米立体声连接线
      • 有线音频线控匣
      • 红外遥控器
      • 电源线
      • 安全与保修说明页
      • 快速入门指南
    • 保修
    • 1 年有限硬件保修

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