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ZiiSound D5


Creative ZiiSound D5至纯蓝牙音箱,音乐无线分享

ZiiSound D5蓝牙无线音箱,重新定义你的听音方式,无线,就是这么简单。

ZiiSound D5采用最前沿蓝牙无线技术,以带来最佳的无线音频享受,此技术之前成功应用于Inspire S2蓝牙无线2.1音箱――2010年CES最佳蓝牙设备大奖获得者。

一件式的ZiiSound D5蓝牙无线音箱,可以与各种蓝牙设备轻松无线连接,从手机,到iPhone、iPod、iPad、上网本、笔记本等各种可兼容的蓝牙设备。iPhone、iPod或iPad接上专用的蓝牙无线发射器,不需要输入密码,就可以快速地与ZiiSound D5音箱蓝牙无线连接,iPhone/iPod/iPad就象是遥控器,无线控制音乐播放,让音乐充满整个房间。

凭借一流的音质和创新性的杰出设计,ZiiSound D5蓝牙无线音箱还赢得了权威的2010年红点设计大奖。

Integrating the ZiiSound D5 into your lifestyle

Sharing music wirelessly 无线分享你的美妙音乐
Audiophile beyond home stereo 高保真音质
经由世界级的声学调校和建模,ZiiSound D5声音精确细腻、氛围营造出众,带给你高保真的音频享受。
<em>Bluetooth</em> connectivity 轻松连接各种蓝牙设备
Remote control capabilities for your iPhone/iPod iPhone/iPod/iPad蓝牙无线发射器
iPhone/iPod/iPad插上BT-D5蓝牙无线发射器,不需要输入密码,即可快速地与ZiiSound D5音箱蓝牙无线连接,iPhone/iPod/iPad就象是遥控器,无线控制音乐播放。
Award-winning technology CES获奖的蓝牙无线技术
创新Inspire S2蓝牙无线2.1音箱获得2010年CES最佳蓝牙设备大奖,在ZiiSound D5蓝牙无线音箱上,也采用了与S2同样最前沿的蓝牙无线技术,带给你最佳的无线音频享受。
Worldwide recognition for design D5获得红点设计大奖
凭借一流的音质和创新性的杰出设计,ZiiSound D5蓝牙无线音箱获得权威的2010年红点设计大奖。
aptX 高品质的无线音频aptX™
ZiiSound D5蓝牙无线音箱采用高性能低延迟的全新音频编码格式aptX,让你听到更优质的蓝牙立体声无线音乐。aptX较普通蓝牙信号传输,音质更佳,传输更稳定。
Bass port 空间有限但低音充沛
Sleek one-piece music system 雅致的一体式音乐系统
简洁的外观设计,卓越的声音品质,ZiiSound D5体现了设计和性能的完美结合,为你的居室和桌面增色。
Touch-sensitive volume control 指尖滑动触控
在ZiiSound D5的触控区,滑动手指,即可调节音量。
Charge your iPhone or iPod easily iPhone/iPod自动充电
AUX-in port 多种连接性
ZiiSound D5既可与蓝牙设备无线连接,也可通过AUX-in接口和一根立体声音频线,方便地连接MP3之类的便携设备。
Wireless audio for your computer USB蓝牙发射器,轻松搞定电脑无线
即使你的电脑没有内置蓝牙功能,也丝毫不用担心。将BT-D1 USB蓝牙发射器(单独销售)插入电脑的USB接口,即可与ZiiSound D5蓝牙自动配对,电脑中你喜爱的美妙音乐就可以通过D5无线播放了。USB蓝牙发射器是一个通用配件,不仅可无线连接D5,也可以无线连接创新的其它蓝牙无线音箱


Mighty Gadget

My first test was with my 5th Gen iPod classic, I simply connected the Bluetooth dongle, selected my song and away it went. I was quite shocked at just how simple it was. It is also important to note that the Bluetooth dongle provided by Creative isn't some general Bluetooth device, it actually uses the aptX audio codec which apparently provides superior Bluetooth stereo audio, and I have to say it did sound pretty good.

ZiiSound D5


Tech Radar

It offers excellent sound too, with a rear-facing bass port boosting the lower end and twin 2.75-inch full frequency drivers giving a rich, detailed audio that's full of character...The ZiiSound D5 combines good looks with great audio, and its excellent Bluetooth system gives you full control over your sounds.

4.5 out of 5

ZiiSound D5



There's a surprising amount of bass for such a small system and it doesn't overwhelm the overall balance, instead adding a pleasing level of depth and warmth. There's also great mid-range clarity, with vocals coming across particularly well. This is rounded off nicely with a crisp high-end too... Importantly, there was no significant deterioration in quality when cranking the volume up.

8 out of 10

ZiiSound D5


ZiiSound D5 4.4 out of 0 based on 11 ratings. based on 18 reviews.


P. E. Prod.

Incredible sound and tasteful design... A perfect match.

J. Phoon

good product, punchy, would have like the bass to extend a bit lower. at high volumes, it distorts and starts to sound a bit tinny. would have like a remote to control volume. not bad but difficult to justify the high price

t. livermore

the creative zIIsound D5 has an amazing sound quality for the size of the unit, its a very nice looking speaker and easy to use , i have placed the unit above some kitchen cabinets and use the bluetooth to play music across an open plan room. The one speaker is more than enough to fill the room with a very surprising natural sound , and no distortion



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