Sound BlasterX H7

专业 USB 7.1 游戏耳麦

更清澈、更响亮、更坚韧、更完美!Sound BlasterX H7 拥有强大的 50mm FullSpectrum™ 全频谱发声单元,连同强大、多功能的 BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro 完整版软件,提供可定制、一流的环绕音效,打造身临其境的游戏体验。


专为游戏玩家打造的 7.1 环绕音效游戏耳麦

专为挑剔的游戏玩家而打造,Sound BlasterX H7 结合舒适耐用于一身,且能提供最佳的音频表现,通过内置的 24 位/96kHz USB DAC,打造高清数字音频,提供一个身临其境的游戏体验。

我们的工程师们利用丰富的经验,挖掘并创造出尖端的音频算法,精心打造音频软件来优化玩家们的游戏体验。BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro 完整版软件是一套全面可定制的音频软件,专为 Sound BlasterX H7 打造和调校音频效果,提供终极的竞争优势。

BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro 完整版包含 Scout Mode™,旨在帮助您听到视线以外的声音细节,在战斗中获得战略优势。


优质的蛋白皮记忆海绵耳罩结合柔软的皮革包裹其坚固的金属结构,Sound BlasterX H7 拥有超乎寻常的舒适性。其符合人体工学的设计,让您佩戴一整天也不觉疲倦。


H7 拥有强化钢筋和铝合金结构,无论是在家中或路上,让您随时随地游戏一整天。坚固的钢筋保证其坚韧耐用品质的同时也确保其高舒适度。

50mm FullSpectrum 全频谱发声单元

业内较大的 50mm FullSpectrum 全频谱发声单元提供强大的低音和惊人的清晰度。拥有 118dB/mW 灵敏度的 H7 耳麦是同级别耳机中拥有声量最大的耳机之一。

使用 H7 耳麦感受从未体会在游戏中的每一声爆裂声、每一声枪响,如临其境。


Sound BlasterX H7 采用倾斜的发声单元设计,可打造一个迷你声学腔,降低耳罩腔体内的共振。你可因此体验超高的音频清晰度及更佳的声音分离效果,清晰感受每一个音频细节。






Sound BlasterX H7 能广泛适用于当前主流游戏平台。

通过 USB 连接到 PC 或者 PlayStation® 4,享受游戏带给您完整的数字音频体验!

3.5 毫米 4 极模拟线可用于任何智能设备,诸如 iPhone 和 iPad,也可用于当今的热门游戏机,如 Xbox® One1

1 需配 Xbox One 立体声耳机适配器(单独售卖)


  • Gameranx

    The H7 is fairly inexpensive for the features it offers and its solid build quality. The 7.1 audio offers precise directional sound in 3D games, and the fact that it can hook up directly to the PS4 without turning your desktop into a mess of wires offers it a major advantage over other products in the same price range. Overall, Creative did an excellent job with the Sound BlasterX H7.

    Sound BlasterX H7


  • Hardware Asylum

    Sound quality was exceptionally good. Overall I was impressed with the level of clarity and definition the H7 brought to my games. I was a little disappointed that the X-Plus software only came with six audio profiles. They do cover the major game genres allowing you a few options to try out.

    Sound BlasterX H7


  • GamesReviews

    The Sound BlasterX H7 headset is a must-buy at the current price point. While the dongle might prove annoying at first, and despite the lack of a retractable microphone, there are not many things to gripe about when using this headset. Audio quality is great, microphone quality is superb, the the comfort is out of this world. If you are looking for a sub $150 headset, I highly recommend the Sound BlasterX H7.

    Sound BlasterX H7


  • PC Game Haven

    Creative’s Sound BlasterX H7 gaming headset offers top-notch quality for an awesome price. It’s definitely a headset to consider if you’re in the market for a high quality audio experience and tons of comfort, regardless if you’re a PC or console gamer.

    Sound BlasterX H7


  • High-Def Digest

    While it's strictly stereo on the PS4, using the H7 on the PC opens a nice world of audio software options, including the BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro. This is a great way to get some impressive virtual surround going. With the Sound BlasterX H7, users can expect to have both a nice analog stereo headset and a good onboard USB option for both the PC and PS4. That USB option is good for when a pricey DAC doesn't make sense or isn't available.The H7 then is a very good headset that does several things well, including gaming, and is worth being on a shortlist of headsets to consider picking up in 2016.

    Sound BlasterX H7




  • M. Lee

    Most comfortable headset I own. [The] sound is incredible. Stylish and immersive experiences.

  • T. Townsend

    The sound is amazing, both for watching movies and for listening to music. I play Tom Clancy: Siege and due to a number of other sounds, the "scout" mode enhances other noises you might not want to hear. They do, however, support other games such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike Global Offensive, and those work brilliantly. The detachable microphone is brilliant, and if you do not think it is up to par you can easily get another one. However, I have no problems with the current one at all, you can even make yourself sound like an ORC within the driver settings, just because. Overall, the microphone and overall sound quality is really high. The driver doesn't have that much to offer but if you want to tweak stuff yourself you can, if you know what you're doing. The price is about right for this quality headset. Beats any other headset I have owned.


    • 技术规格
    • 音频处理器 BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro 完整版
    • 音频驱动程序 50毫米 FullSpectrum
    • 耳麦频率响应 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    • 音频技术 Scout Mode 技术, BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro 完整版软件
    • 连接 USB, 3.5 毫米立体声输入
    • 支持的操作系统 Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® Vista™, Windows® 8.1, Mac OS X v10.8 或更高版本, Windows® 10
    • 了解更多
    • 系统需求
    • 针对Windows操作系统
      • Intel® Core™2 Duo 或 AMD® 同等处理器(2.8 GHz或推荐更快处理器)
      • Intel、AMD 或 100% 兼容主板
      • Microsoft® Windows 10 32/64 位、Windows 8.1/8.0 32/64 位、Windows 7 32/64 位、
        Windows Vista 32/64 位 SP1 或更高版本
      • 1GB 内存
      • 大于 600 MB 空闲硬盘空间
      • 可用的 USB2.0 接口(推荐高速驱动接口)

      针对Macintosh 操作系统
      • 运行Mac OS X 10.8 或更高版本的Macintosh
      • 1GB 内存
      • 大于 600 MB 空闲硬盘空间
      • 可用的 USB2.0/3.0 接口

      针对用于Windows BlasterX Acoustic Engine 软件
      • Intel Core 2 Duo 或 AMD 同等处理器(2.8 GHz 或推荐更快处理器)
      • Intel、AMD 或 100% 兼容主板
      • Microsoft Windows 10、Windows 8.1/8.0 32/64 位、Windows 7 32/64 位
      • 1GB 内存
      • 大于 600 MB 空闲硬盘空间

      • PC/Mac/Android/iOS/PS4/XBOX设备上可用的耳机/麦克风模拟连接接口。
    • 下载驱动程序
    • 用户手册
    • 盒内部件
      • Sound BlasterX H7 耳麦
      • 1.5 米 A 型至微型 B USB 编织音频线
      • 0.8 米 3.5 毫米 4 极对 4 极模拟编织音频线
      • 快速用户指南
    • 保修
    • 1 年有限硬件保修

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