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Buy the E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers

E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers

专为SOUND BLASTER X7定制的无源书架型音箱



是什么秘密让E-MU XM7的声音表现这么赞。5英寸定制设计的低音单元振膜结合超大尺寸的磁体结构和屏蔽罩产生出紧凑的低音响应。特殊材质的1英寸高效丝膜球顶高音单元生成高清晰和精准的高音,令您如痴如醉。

E-MU XM7有两种类型可供选择,配有金属灰色涂层的棕色木纹饰面或黑色木纹饰面。现在就选择您喜欢的风格吧。

E-MU XM7内部带有一个后倒相管,它能够提升声音系统在低频响应的能力,这是同级别其他音箱所没有的。

一对镀金接线柱可将内附的无氧铜音箱线牢固地连接至Sound Blaster X7功放输出上。得益于这样的有效连接,您的音频体验将会变得丝滑,完整且不失真。

专为Sound Blaster X7 量身定制

我们一直想方设法将 Sound Blaster X7 强大的一面呈现给您。Sound Blaster X7搭配E-MU XM7,可将音频的细节和纹理以更清晰,更原始的形态展现地淋漓尽致。


当配合Sound Blaster X7使用时,还可选择以下模式:

  • 充满活力 – 适用于电影和游戏
  • 中性——适用于参考和监测使用
  • 温暖 – 推荐用于轻便的音频聆听享受



High-Def Digest

"On the gaming side, I had the XM7s employed when I was poking around the 'Rare Replay, and that meant my return to the N64 classic 'Perfect Dark,' came through beautifully. It's crazy to have the sounds, the music, the effects, and the voice acting, that I knew by heart from some fifteen years ago, being played in a way that is stronger than I had ever heard before."

4.5 out of 5

E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers



The E-MU XM7 immediately stood out of the crowd because of its amazing level of details, clarity, and accuracy.Meanwhile, the mids are present and I can hear the vocals more clearly than ever while the treble is totally clean and doesn’t cause any spike. The soundstage is fairly good, especially when I sit in front of the 2 speakers.There is no distortion and hissing sound. The speakers are also quite powerful as they can deliver up to 60W per channel.

E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers



T. Richard

The speakers are heavier than they look and it is able to handle crescendos very well. Its audio is clear and it also delivers good bass. These speakers pairs very well with the X7 but even if you replace it with another amp and it works just as well. The construction is robust and neat and there are lots of room to spare no matter what music you throw at it. Good value for its price!


Love it.

j. sim

For the price point, this speakers provide the best acoustics for sure.



  • 系统配置: 双声道
  • 最大输出功率: 每声道60瓦
  • 驱动单元: 低音单元:5英寸(132毫米)带有超大尺寸磁体结构和屏蔽罩的特殊组合振膜
  • 尺寸 (单个音箱): 298 x 174 x 232 毫米 (11.7 x 6.85 x 9.14英寸)
  • 重量 (单个音箱): 约 4.35千克
  • 盒内附件: 音箱网罩两片;2.4米无氧铜音箱线两根; 用户手册
  • 电影 / 音乐播放: 支持
  • 连接类型: 镀金接线柱
  • 颜色: 配有金属灰色涂层的棕色木纹饰面/黑色木纹饰面
  • 设计: 无源音箱
  • 盒内部件

    • E-MU XM7 无源音箱一对
    • 音箱网罩两片
    • 用户指南
    • 2.5米无氧铜音箱线两根


    1 年有限硬件保修