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Creative MA930



高性能、通话能力和移动性 - 所有这些都完美融入Creative MA930中。它拥有一个采用人体工学设计的单按钮线控式麦克风,让您可以在Android™或其他智能手机上轻松地进行语音通话或暂停音乐播放。此外,专门的电脑插头转换器便于您在笔记本电脑上使用Skype™和其他通话应用程序。这款耳麦所采用的驱动单元为全球最小的微型发声单元之一,大小仅为6mm,可在娱乐体验或语音通话中传送精准的声音。MA930运用入耳式噪音隔绝设计,将带给您静谧的音乐、电影或通话体验。

One-click call answer and music playback


单按钮线控式麦克风具有方便的播放/暂停控制以及针对Android智能手机进行优化的应答/结束通话控制。市场中的Android耳麦应用程序(需另行选购)提供额外的曲目控制和音量级别功能。亦可配合Apple® iOS和其他智能手机使用。

Computer adapter for voice communications on PC or notebook


专门的电脑插头转换器便于您在笔记本电脑上使用Skype、Google Talk™和其他通话应用程序。

Noise-isolation capability



Metal housing with swivel cap-ends




g. dath

Really awesome and crystal clear sounds! Pros: Highs, lows, mids - everything is crystal clear and perfectly balanced. For such a small audio driver, the output is extraordinary. I have used many other brands and this is the best when compared to the amount of money that I've spent on it. Cons: I've no issues with the earbuds but my friends who have small ears did face some problem where the earphones tend to come out of their ears. Another thing is that the base is not so high - it is actually pretty well balanced. However, if you are a bass head, you may be slightly disappointed.

Y. N. Zai

This is one great tiny earbud. The bass is tight and powerful and the highs is crisp and clear. I am suprised that this 6mm driver can produce that much of bass and yet it does not drown the mids. A lot of times, I envied Iphone because the Iphone users have lots of choices for accessories made for Iphone. I have noticed that Creative have the same product HS930i made for Apple. This time I would like to thank Creative for making such a good product available for Android phone users. This allow Android phone users to appreciate good music on the go as it comes with a mic. Thanks

I. Ling

Value for money, and FANTASTIC delivery service.



  • Creative MA930耳麦
  • 电脑插头转换器
  • 1套大、中、小三种型号硅胶耳塞套
  • 便携袋


1 年有限硬件保修