Sound Blaster Z



Sound Blaster Z——完整的桌面音频系统

作为超高性能Sound Blaster® PCI-Express Z-Series声卡之一,Sound Blaster Z融合Sound Blaster Zx声卡的功能并附带外置高品质波束形成麦克风阵列,实现清晰的语音交流,是理想的游戏和娱乐完整解决方案。

116dB SNR (DAC)

116dB 信噪比

SBX Pro Studio technologies

SBX Pro Studio™ 技术

SBX Pro Studio声音技术可在您的音箱和耳麦上营造出前所未有的音频逼真度以及令人拍手叫绝的3D环绕效果。
CrystalVoice™ Technologies


网络游戏中,是否清晰的语音沟通是游戏胜负的关键。能去除回声,环境噪音,可创建一个声音区域并抑制该区域外的噪音的CrystalVoice™ Focus语音集中功能,让您与您的队友进行清晰的语音沟通,使对方可以清楚听到您的声音,声音也不会因距离麦克风远近而忽高忽低。


Sound Blaster Z 支持音频流输入/输出(ASIO),带您享受低至一毫秒的延迟。聆听逼真的音频录音!
Sound Blaster Beamforming Microphone

Sound Blaster 波束形成麦克风

Sound Blaster波束形成麦克风为免提通话设计与调校。搭配使用这款立体声麦克风和CrystalVoice Focus,可创建一个声音区域并抑制该区域外的噪音,使对方可以清楚听到您的声音。
Sound Core3D audio processor

Sound Core3D™ 音频处理器

Sound Core3D是一款高性能声音和语音处理器,可对先进的音频和语音技术进行加速。我们设计的四核Sound Core3D音频处理器大幅度降低主CPU在处理SBX Pro Studio和CrystalVoice效果时的负荷,实现更流畅的画面以及非凡的音频和语音质量,增强您的游戏体验。
Advanced home entertainment audio


体验前所未有的Sound Blaster声霸音频打造的家庭娱乐系统!使用Sound Blaster Z镀金连接器,音箱优化技术和数字内容编码功能,您只需保证数字音源的品质,则可尽享不一样的家庭娱乐系统。
High fidelity surround sound


Never unplug your headphones again


通过Sound Blaster控制面板,只需翻转开关即可切换耳机或音箱系统。


  • Custom PC Review

    In games, the Sound Blaster Z was able to provide clear and crisp sounding audio to a variety of different games tested. Audio imaging was very good, which helped when trying to find the location of different enemies.

    Sound Blaster Z


  • Vortez

    Music was much more enjoyable when using a high fidelity sound card, each sound, is reproduced accurately and concisely allowing for audible differentiation of instrumental timbre.

    Sound Blaster Z


  • AVForums

    In terms of music, hooking up the Soundblaster Z to my Onkyo amp and B&W speakers produced a deep and clear soundstage that was definitely step up on the audio that I usually pump through an Nvidia HDMI connection to the same device.

    Sound Blaster Z



  • K. Perkins

    Impressed!...sound reproduction is way better than on-board

  • J. Kevin

    The sound card itself is worth buying. It requires some time to set up correctly, but then it just works flawlessly. I've had some problems with Flash Player's sounds, but those have been mystically fixed (probably by re-setting the sampling frequency to 96kHz and bit depth to 24-bit). There's a very little fault, though: When Windows 7 starts up, the startup sound just breaks. I'm using an SSD drive, so it may be too fast for the driver to load. The software's 'Advanced Features' tab should contain boxes for sampling frequency and bit depth, and what I really miss is the software's resizability. The 'Equalizer' tab's DropDown list should be editable by hand, and it should allow at least 64 characters, because I often create profiles optimized for specific applications _and_ sound devices: for example, I'm not able to write 'Pioneer Steez Dubstep (Flash Player)'. The support and the delivery speed (free - 4 days) was just great, it deserves more than just 5 stars!

  • B. Willcourt

    Like all the other Sound blaster cards that I have bought over the years, it works. My 5.1 surround speakers sound absolutely fantastic.


    • 技术规格
    • 音频处理器 Sound Core3D
    • 信噪比(SNR) 116dB
    • 连接选项(主要) 音箱输出: 3 个 3.5 毫米插孔(前置、后置、中置/低音炮)
      光纤输出: 1 个 TOSLINK 插孔
      光纤输入: 1 个 TOSLINK 插孔
      耳机: 1 个有源 3.5 毫米插孔
      线性 / 麦克风输入: 1 个 3.5 毫米插孔
    • 最多声道输出 5.1 声道
    • 音频技术 SBX Pro Studio, CrystalVoice, Scout Mode, DTS Connect 编码, Dolby Digital技术
    • 麦克风 波束形成: 是
      麦克风类型: 双阵列电容式降噪麦克风
      频率响应: 100Hz 至 20kHz
      灵敏度: -37dB
    • 了解更多
    • 系统需求
    • Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD® 同性能处理器,2.2GHz or或更快处理器
      Intel, AMD or 100% 兼容的主板
      Microsoft® Windows® 10(32位/64位); Windows 8(32位/64位); Windows 7(32位/64位);
      1GB 系统内存
      可用PCI Express(x1, x4 or x16)插槽 

    • 下载驱动程序
    • 盒内部件
      • Sound Blaster Z声卡
      • Sound Blaster波束形成麦克风
      • 快速入门简易手册
      • 安装光盘包含:
        • Windows驱动程序
        • Creative软件套装
        • 用户指南
    • 保修
    • 1 年有限硬件保修

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