Sound BlasterX AE-5

带有RGB Aurora灯光系统的高解析度PCIe游戏声卡和DAC



Sound BlasterX AE-5是一款SABRE级高解析度PCI-E游戏声卡和配置Xamp的DAC,一个全新双放大技术的分立式耳机放大器。它提供了惊人的原始音频,且Aurora Reactive灯光系统可进行1680万色定制。



Sound BlasterX AE-5是我们首款Xamp功能的声卡和定制设计的分立式耳机放大器。每个音频通道都被单独放大,无论需求如何,都可以允许AE-5以不变的无损模式为每个声道提供一个全新级别的原始音频保真度。 超低1 Ω输出阻抗,可完美驱动16 ~ 600 Ω的耳机。

SABRE32 级高解析度 DAC

Sound BlasterX AE-5是一款SABRE32 级高解析度 DAC,完美适用于游戏、音乐和电影等高解析度音频。得益于122dB DNR,为您提供高达32位384kHz的音频播放,实现超低失真度和抖动。


Aurora Reactive 灯光系统

通过Aurora Reactive 灯光系统,享受光声合奏的交响曲。AE-5自身具有可定制的RGB LED,还附带RGB LED条带。借助于适用PC的免费下载Sound Blaster Connect软件,可编程高达1680万色以实现不同花样。


BlasterX Acoustic Engine

Sound BlasterX AE-5继承了Sound Blaster极负盛名的音频处理和增强功能。BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro是一套完整可定制音频输出技术,将音频沉浸度和精确度提升至一个新的档次,实现终极竞争优势。这些声音技术为音频创造了前所未有的身临其境感,包括为耳麦和音箱提供令人惊叹的3D环绕效果。SBX Pro Studio™ 声音技术可在您的音箱和耳麦上营造出前所未有的音频逼真度以及令人拍手叫绝的 3D 环绕效果。

Scout 2.0

通过全球第一个智能游戏伴侣,拓展您的视野,让您能够使用您的移动设备在任何第一人称射击游戏中可视化地查看敌人在雷达中的位置。Scout Mode带来了一个全新的功能,让您在战场上给敌人沉痛打击,无往不胜。



Sound BlasterX AE-5还配有特殊的白色版本。纯净版除了原装的白色外壳外,还配有四个LED条带 – 比标准版多三个 – 并将于2017年08月仅在Creative.com网站推出。


  • Unlocked

    All the impressive tech specs in the world don’t mean anything if they don’t translate into real-world performance. So how does the AE-5 sound? Whether I was playing games, watching videos, or listening to music, one word kept coming out of my mouth, and that was “wow.” Everything sounds great on this card, and you can immediately and easily hear the difference between the AE-5 and onboard audio. It’s like lifting your head out from underwater.

    Sound BlasterX AE-5


  • Cheat Code Central

    Creative’s new sound card is one of the highest level pieces of gear you can get for your computer. It’s the sort of thing a pro would demand, but anyone can enjoy...This is a piece of technology that does its best to offer the highest fidelity and quality audio.

    Sound BlasterX AE-5


  • GamingShogun

    I ran through a number of games with the AE-5: Fallout 4, Divinity: Original Sin II, EVE Online, and many more. I was satisfied with the sound of every game I played and I can attest to both the clarity and power of the audio produced...After listening to my games and movies on the AE-5, I’m never going back.

    Sound BlasterX AE-5


  • HotHardware

    Creative Labs makes a great argument for upgrading to a discrete sound card with the Sound BlasterX AE-5....At $150, the Sound Blaster AE-5 is worth every penny and can still teach an old dog set of headphones new tricks. The Sound BlasterX AE-5 shows audio nirvana for music, gaming and movies is achievable with two drivers, a good amplifier and DSP.

    Sound BlasterX AE-5


  • Pro-Clockers

    Sound professionals and audiophiles alike can enjoy the Sound BlasterX AE-5. Just opening the box and looking at that quality in your hand is worth the paltry $150 -- knowing you've just made one of the best investments for your entertainment enjoyment a person can make!

    Sound BlasterX AE-5



  • The PC Enthusiast

    Creative made a good and cost-effective product in the form of Sound BlasterX AE-5. The sound is good thanks to the ESS ES9016K2M DAC paired with Creative’s Xamp; it brings out the sound and adds life to your music, movie session or gaming experience... It does improve your audio experience especially if you are coming from a (much) older sound card or from an entry level built-in audio component.

    Sound BlasterX AE-5


  • Gameranx

    This may not be the most top of the line sound card available, but if your PC is dedicated towards gaming then you’ll be amiss to not consider the sound card.

    Sound BlasterX AE-5


  • Venture Beat

    The AE-5 has delivered the best sound audio I’ve ever heard through headphones on my PC. If you want to play games with theater-like sound, I highly recommend adding this to your rig.

    Sound BlasterX AE-5




  • S. YOUN

    Good very good

  • A. Manimtim



    • 技术规格
    • 电源 PCIe总线电源, 针对Aurora灯光系统,需+5V电源(需连接至电脑的4针Molex外设连接端口供电)
    • 耳机放大器 16 - 600 Ω, 支持耳机阻抗
    • 动态范围 (DNR) 122dB
    • 音频处理器 BlasterX Acoustic Engine
    • 连接选项(主要) 1x TOSLINK光纤输出, 1 x 3.5毫米麦克风输入/线性输入, 1 x 3.5毫米前置输出, 1 x 3.5毫米后置输出, 1 x 3.5毫米中置/低音炮输出, 1 x 3.5毫米耳机/耳麦输出
    • 连接选项(附属) 1 x 前面板接口, 1 x RGB LED 接口(支持5V RGB条带)
    • 了解更多
    • 盒内部件
      • Sound BlasterX AE-5
      • 1 x LED 条带 (30毫米/10 个LED)
      • 1 x 延长线
      • 快速使用指南
      • 保修单页
    • 保修
    • 1 年有限硬件保修

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